Wotao Yin

Wotao Yin
Research Scientist, Principal Engineer
Director of Decision Intelligence Lab
Damo Academy
Alibaba Group USb


Office: Bellevue, WA, USA
Email: wotao.yin @ alibaba-inc.com

Recent reports and preprints

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Large-Scale Convex Optimization via Monotone Operators (Draft)

E. Ryu, W. Yin

Splitting Methods in Communication, Imaging, Science, and Engineering

Editors: R. Glowinski, S. Osher, W. Yin

Compressive Sensing for Wireless Networks

Z. Han, H. Li, W. Yin

Short bio

I received my Ph.D. degree in operations research from Columbia University in 2006 under Prof. Donald Goldfarb. Before joining Alibaba US in 2019, I was a Professor in the Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles. During 2006–2013, I was with the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University.

I won the NSF CAREER award in 2008, an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in 2009, a Morningside Gold Medal in 2016, a Damo Award in 2021, and INFORMS Egon Balas Prize in 2021. I have had eight papers co-authored with my students and collaborators that have received the best-paper-kind awards. Since 2018 I have been among the top 1% cited researchers by Clarivate Analytics.

My research interests include computational optimization and its applications in signal processing, machine learning, and other data science problems.

Decision Intelligence Lab

The Lab is a part of the Machine Intelligence Direction (MIND) at Damo Academy of Alibaba Group. My colleagues in the lab conduct research in broad areas of decision intelligence. Our R&D covers optimization solvers, time-series products, and reinforcement-learning based solutions.